Apps to Eliminate Texting and Driving

Text messaging has provided individuals, families, and businesses with a new, more efficient way to communicate; however, texting has also proved to bring new dangers to the world. Since nearly all people of every age group are finding it difficult to put their phones down, texting and driving has led to fatal collisions. Rather than allowing the temptation to put you at risk, try downloading one of these smartphone applications that eliminate texting and driving:

  • DriveOFF – This smartphone app will disable texting capabilities and other distracting applications once your car is traveling faster than 10 miles per hour. To further eliminate temptations, your phone will display a static screensaver when the app is enabled.
  • DriveMode – This great smartphone app will disable texting, phone calls, and emails when your car is traveling over 25 miles per hour. It will also send a customized automated message announcing you are behind the wheel.
  • DriveScribe – This amazing app will not only disable texting and phone calling capabilities when you are driving, but it will also remind you to slow down if you are exceeding speed limits.

Take the pledge to not text and drive! Contact John G. Lambros Company for all of your Connecticut auto insurance needs. Safe driving habits in combination with the right auto insurance policy will keep you safe on the open roads.