Tips for Being Comfortable During a Winter Storm Power Outage

With the stormy season upon us, a winter storm power outage is almost inevitable. Therefore, it is important that we conduct some basic preparation to ensure that we are ready for a power outage. Rather than allowing yourself to panic because you are not prepared, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • It is important that you have flashlights and extra batteries scattered throughout the house. This will ensure that you are always with light, no matter which room you are in.
  • Likewise, you should have emergency candles and fireplace matches ready for backup in case your power does not return immediately. Connecticut winters can prove to be extremely chilly, especially if your heating system is not working.
  • Make sure to have a battery operated radio so that you can stay in touch with the outside world during this power outage.
  • You never know how long power will be down, so make sure to stock your emergency preparedness kit of nonperishable foods.
  • If a major storm is in the forecast, make sure to fill up the gas tank of your car to ensure that you are able to evacuate if necessary.
  • In order to keep your food edible, you will want to avoid opening and closing your refrigerator and freezer. If you do not open them at all, the refrigerator will stay cold for up to four hours.
  • If you have special health care equipment that requires power to operate, make sure to inform your power company in advance so that they can tend to your needs before other houses.

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